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The facilities and amenities of a property are essential since residents and love ones would want to maximize them. Indeed, all work and no play is quite a boring life.  Each one of us can have a balanced lifestyle only if we push for it. Who wouldn’t want to mix work with a bit of leisure? Now, that can be achieved right in your own neighborhood.  

At ASIA PREMIERE RESIDENCES, you will be pleased to experience a lot of these facilities and amenities as you work your way to a satisfying and fulfilling work-life balance.  Experience all the comforts of a vibrant lifestyle where you and your love ones can work, play and enjoy everyday life at your own comforts of the neighborhood. 

Parking slots are available in the basement, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor. We all know how important spaces for parking is so it’s good to know that this property has these. 

There is also 24x7 security monitoring so you can be assured of a good night’s sleep every night.  You and your family are completely safe and secure. 

For the ladies, take note that there’s a laundry room and a drying area for you here so washing and drying your clothes will never be a problem.  

For the kids and parents alike, they will be pleased to know that there’s a swimming pool that they can use, especially during summer when kids would just love to play in water. They can play all to their hearts’ content. Schedule swimming sessions with neighbors or friends and just chill on weekends. Parents can also look forward to this as a bonding time with their kids. 

What’s more: a pool deck is for you to enjoy. Parents can bask in the sun. Read your favorite book or sip your coolers while you watch your kids play at the pool. You can also find an open deck/roof deck in this property so you can check out and appreciate the breathtaking cityscapes and views. Pretty cool, ‘right? 

For special occasions and milestones you need to celebrate like birthdays, baptismal parties, wedding showers, graduations or moving up days, it’s best to celebrate them with your families, friends and relatives. What better way than to hold it right in your own community’s function room. You need not worry of going out, renting a place or sitting it out in traffic. For that celebration, do it right here. Exciting and fun times ahead and definitely a great bonding time with your dear ones.  

For the active and health buffs, there’s a gym in this property where you and your love ones all can do your daily workouts. Continue your active lifestyle as you do your dose of jumping, running, bending, twisting, hopping, flexing and crunching those tired bodies. Feel energized after the sessions as you religiously fulfill your gym sessions. Why? You can even do it with your whole family and this is one sure way of bonding.  Keeping your love ones healthy and fit is also one of life’s priorities since as the saying goes, “Health is wealth.”

For those who love to shop, you will be pleased to know that a retail area is right here in your own home, too. Imagine the convenience of doing shopping right where you live. Get it? Yes, it’s possible right here at ASIA PREMIER RESIDENCES.

Lastly, a mail room as well as a Driver’s Lounge is both on site. So, what are you waiting for? Ask any trusted CEBU LANDMASTERS agent now for more details and request for a site visit so you can appreciate all the more what this property has to offer.

  • Gym
  • Retail Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-hour Security
  • Small Pets Allowed
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